Service items: Crowdfunding planing, e-commerce, overseas trade, online group buying, offline channels Online advertising.

Service items: Commodity planning, industrial design, interface design, organization design, production evaluation, Gift design, packaging design, model mock-up.

Service items: graphic design, CIS, product design, marketing flyer design Illustration design, 3D advertising production, public art desig.

Service Items: Media public relations gifts, customized products, corporate gifts, KOL merchandise.

Designing Service Processes

Discussing Requirements

Understanding requirements and getting to know each other

Project planning and quotation

Confirmation of service items, timeline, and quotation

Signing contract and payment of deposit

Confirmation of contract and payment of case opening fee

Design execution

Strategy Planning, Design Proposal, and Design Execution

Design finalization

Detail adjustment and design refinement

Payment of final balance & project closure

Confirm the final design and deliver the remaining payment, then deliver the files and project completion documents.

Why Choose Us?

Multiple design energy

Our team consists of various fields design , We bring the emotion of art into the rational industrial design, We use accurate institutional conceptst to support perceptual artistic creation, We always break through the framework to create greater design value。

One-stop service from design to marketing

From initial brand positioning → image establishment → product design → proofing verification → mass production planning → Product Marketing→Marketing Planning, Unified integration by us makes your communication more simplistic, Be your strongest partner

Mars creator, your creativity booster