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The concept of this project is based on the diverse and balanced education features of Xinpu Elementary School and the lively atmosphere of the school environment, as well as the mysterious and childlike design characteristics of the Four-Dimensional Animal Gods in the Four-Dimensional Park. Three main areas are set up, including the central courtyard, the lawn on the right side of the hallway, and the first and second-floor corridors of the library. The concept of the artwork is based on the school's special classes such as dance, music, art, and baseball teams, and incorporates the spirit of Xinpu Elementary School's school emblem of kindness, enthusiasm, and patience, metaphorically representing Xinpu Elementary School as a place where talented people are nurtured and demonstrating its achievements in diverse development.

In terms of installation design, organic forms and lines of nature will be used as the main elements, allowing public art to naturally blend into the campus and the natural and social landscapes. Through the interaction between students' imagination and the installations, the installations will be endowed with meaning in daily life. It is hoped that in the flowing forest classroom, students and teachers can explore the environment and learn from nature together in an open and flexible space.